Hello Fans

Owwww … so exciting, Hatsune Miku is almost in Paris. Are you going to Paris too? It’s gonna be my second Hatune Miku concert. The first concert of Hatsune Miku I see in Tokyo, five years ago in 2013. It was a super show and hope it will be at least as good. The technology should be improved in those five years so we gonna enjoy it.


After Paris we still not have enough of the concerts, than it up to Cologne to our second European show. It’s gonna be even greater because we can enjoy the show in full.

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39’s to all of you and maybe we meet you in Paris or Cologne 🙂


Ticket Sales started.

Hi Fans,

Ticket sale for the Hatsune Miku concert is started. For Paris there are still tickets available. You can buy the tickets for Paris here:
Tickets prices vary from  35 –  €65,00

Tickets for London are on sale now too. The tickets for the London concert are available here:
Ticket prices from £50.00 – £84.00

Tickets for the Cologne (Germany) concert are not yet availible. The sale has been postponed. Hope they will be available soon!

MIKU EXPO 2018 EUROPE sale starts at 1 june

MIKU EXPO 2018 EUROPE tickets for the Paris concert will go on sale June 1st, 12 noon local time. Please stay tuned for ticket info for other locations. Thank you for your patience!

I try to buy two tickets at the official website but it’s impossible to reach the website. They probilly underestimated the popularity of Hatsune Miku and are incapable to handle the sale. I hope we still can find some (VIP)-tickets … keep
on trying…. 39s for to all!

Tickets for the concert in Paris:



Ticket sale postponed.

Ticket sale for the concerts in Paris, Colonge and London will be postponed. We don’t know why the ticketsale is being postponed but as soon as we have more news about the ticket sale we will write this here.

Hello Miku Fans!

This is my first blog about the fantastic news that Hatsune Miku finally come’s to Europe in December 2018. I had the honour to see a concert a few years ago in Tokyo. I can say, it’s a magical feeling to be at the concert of the pigtailed 16 year old artist. You really have to see it to believe it, after a minute or five you you won’t even notice that there is a virtual singer on the stage, see’s gonna look real to you.